Energy, Infrastructure and Resources

We have been heavily involved in advising on most major energy, infrastructure and mineral resources projects in Jordan over the past ten years. We have advised, and continue to advise the Government of Jordan, major renewable energy companies, construction companies and lenders on the financing, construction and operation of these projects.

Chambers Global singles us out for “handling significant projects in the energy sector”.

Our activities in recent times include:

  • Advising the biggest wind turbine company in the world on the financing and local law aspects of its design, build, operate & maintain contract for the $287 million Tafila Wind Farm project.
  • Advising the sponsors of the Disi Water Conveyance System project on the bidding, negotiations, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the $1 billion project.
  • Advising the multilateral lenders on the construction and financing of a 485-MW peaking power plant and on the refurbishment of an existing power plant at the Hussein Thermal Power Station in a project that is set to cost around $360 Million.
  • Advising an international financial institution and other lenders during 2014 and 2015 on the financing of seven separate projects in the Round 1 solar energy sector.
  • Advising the world’s largest potash producer on its 26% acquisition of the eighth largest and sole Arab potash producer from the Jordanian Government for a value of $173.3 million.
  • Advising one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds on the $111 million acquisition of a 37% stake in the publicly listed entity, Jordan Phosphate Mines Company plc, from the Jordanian Government.
  • Advising a joint venture between the largest electric utility in South Korea and a Saudi holding group on the bidding, financing, construction and operation of a 373-MW power plant in Al Qatranah, Jordan. This electricity generation station accounts for 11% of Jordan’s total generation capacity.